When to use Exclusive Application Security (Type 9)

What is an example of when Exclusive Application Security (Type 9) could be used?  Whilst we advocate a closed security model (and grant back access where required), you may have a situation where you've applied Row Security (that user can only see the company or business unit records for their business) but need that role to have visibility of bits of information elsewhere in the corporation. 

For example, you may have Materials Managers at a variety of sites, and you probably only want them to do transactions specific to their location.  But for ONE report, you want them to be able to see across all locations.  For example so they can see where some stock may be located which they can call up upon if they are short in their own site.  So Row Security restricts them to only data relating to their location, but by creating a security type 9 record, you can give them visibility of that one report they need access to. 

Another example: you have an Accountant in Company 1 that needs to do charts of account maintenance for ALL companies in the group.  But they should not be able to do transactions or view financial information for other companies.  You can add an exclusive application security record for F0901 to give them access to all data on the F0901 while keeping their normal row security in place for all other applications.

Implemented carefully, it can be very useful!