ALLOut helps clients achieve the closed system with the maximum efficiency possible – and at the same time ensuring that long term maintenance and compliance requirements are met.
Putting you in control
  • Control Solutions
  • Segregation of Duties
  • DIY Audit
  • Easy User Provisioning
  • JD Edwards Upgrade Accelerator
ALLOUT is used by
  • IT Management
  • Security Officers
  • Internal Auditors
  • Business Managers
  • External Auditors
Over 500 customers worldwide
  • Cut costs
  • Cut Risks
  • Cut Admin
  • Oracle Validated Integration
  • Worldwide partner network

Solutions for JD Edwards

Open to Closed in a live system
ALLOut SecurityPlus module has a comprehensive set of standard security settings, UBEs and grids to create the “Yes” settings automatically.
DIY Audit for JD Edwards
The ALLOut solution consists of a standard set of Segregation of Duties rules that you can customize to form the basis of your reporting.
Compliance Reporting
You - and your auditors - will want to see meaningful reports on your staff's access to critical processes or information and potential lack of SoD
Setting up Security for a New Install
Security set to “deny all” – no one can do anything without a “Yes” setting. None of the programs will work! Unless...
Guidelines for Setting up Row Security in a New or Existing Site
Row security - ranges - roles and role sequence numbers - multiple rows! In Standard EnterpriseOne it can get very messy...
Creating Process Based Roles for a New Install or Roll-Out
Create small process based roles. When your user requirements change, you can add or subtract roles. No need to change security.
User Review – What can they see? What can they do?
“What they can see and what they can do” export to spreadsheet users' role, menu and security structure for off-line review
StartOut Implementation Automation
StartOut - a perfect starting point if you want to implement process based roles as part of your upgrade project.
Setting up Menus in a New System with Minimal Folders
Menu Design: how to create shallow menus so that users can get where they want to be in two clicks! No more multiple layers.
Streamlined Security and System Admin Solutions at your Fingertips
Manage users, standard or UDO security and menus simply and efficiently.

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