Simplify your annual audit

Your company’s annual audit need not be an ordeal designed to complicate your life.  You can rely on the ALLOut set of Audit tools for JD Edwards to reduce the dread that your financial procedures may not be in order.

Even if Sarbanes-Oxley compliance isn’t mandatory for your organisation, implementing Best Practice for Segregation of Duties management and reporting will give you confidence in the strength of your financial system.

Many organisations still find their systems regularly compromised. Why is it so difficult for your security team to detect these breaches?  Your biggest challenge is probably having to sift through the volumes of security data and alerts you are inundated with. Yet security teams do have ways to detect security breaches early.  ALLOut’s Risk Reporting module will alert you continuously of potential breaches.

ALLOut bridges the gap on the array of security information available in standard JD Edwards and the ability of the business to understand and use it.  Our reports are designed to give the nitty gritty detail plus also the summary that speaks to non-security executives, and is perfect for management - and Auditor - sign-off! 

Your annual audit can be an expensive undertaking, both in employee time and company money.  Automating your audit with the ALLOut toolset will contribute significantly to the speed with which auditors can complete their work.  ALLOut’s compliance solutions can help you streamline your audit preparations and audit cycles, and cut costs by up to 90% - critical in today’s turbulent economy.

JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Audit Tools

Segregation of Duties Master

SOD Best Practice Template of Critical Processes

ALLOut’s SODMaster provides you with a standard set of SOD rules and critical processes you can use as the basis of your risk reporting. Gives you a templated quick start to your project.

Risk Management

Prevent and Control SOD Breaches in E1

Good business practice requires you to control, document and secure critical processes. You need to identify your critical business processes and control potential conflicts.

Risk Reporting

Risk and Compliance Reporting from Top Line to In-Depth

ALLOut’s Risk Reporting module will alert you continuously to potential breaches. From top line overview to granular detail, there are reports for all your business's requirements, whether for analysts, Business Managers or Auditors.

JD Edwards World Audit Tools


Discover all users that have breached a rule

Discover all users that have breached a rule, build SOD rules to identify areas of risk and report on who has, or can. breach them. Automatic set up means no implementation cost!

Trace for IBMi

A Control Solution for the IBM System i

Prove and verify that you have strong internal controls over your Database Management systems. Trace tracks users' activity and keeps an audit trail of the programs accessed.

DIY Audit

Your Audit is scheduled, but – where to start and what to do?  Even – what questions will the Auditor be asking?  The ALLOut DIY Audit gives you a clear set of guidelines as to what an Auditor is going to be looking for. And then – step by step – you can analyze your existing set-up and know where your vulnerabilities are.  Typically, you may cover:  Segregation of Duties (SOD)  User and Security Cleanup  Data Vulnerability Analysis  Security Change Management  Critical Process Access  Whatever your compliance or operational needs, check out the ALLOut tools to support your initiative and put targeted information at your fingertips!  The ALLOut Tutorials has detailed documentation and best practice information no matter what you choose to target.  Need more support, select a class from our comprehensive training catalog.

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